Your session should be a relaxed, fun experience.  It is important to me that children feel comfortable to express themselves naturally.  Therefore, during my sessions a child's natural curiosity may take the lead ...  those unplanned perfect moments.  Other times, I have ideas in mind and will gently lead a child in a more specific direction through fun and play.  Both approaches result in a nice variety of portraits and my goal is to incorporate both styles into your session.

With newborn sessions, please call me before the birth of your child and we will schedule a session based on your due date.  The best time to photograph newborns is within the first 2 weeks of life.  Newborns tend to sleep more and are easier to pose in all the right directions!

Everyone has lots of options when it comes to choosing a photographer, and I’m honored you are here to check me out! I do hope you spend some time browsing around and getting a feel for my style.


Booking a session:

To book a session, contact me to discuss time and session type you want. If you have questions about anything contact me via the contact tab or laura@lauramatoushphotography.com.

The best times of day (and normally the only times I shoot) are early morning, within 90 minutes of sunrise, and late evening, within 2 hours of sunset. I know with kiddo’s, this can be difficult and we can work around that, but good lighting is so important to a perfect session. To have those beautiful backlit, gorgeous lit photo’s, it’s worth it to adjust your kiddo’s schedule for this one day!


What to wear:

This is one of the most asked, and hardest questions. I’m not into matching.  Wear something coordinating, but they don’t need to match. Mix it up with patterns and textures, different fabrics and LOTS of layers. For families it’s many times easiest to pick one outfit first and go from there.